Coronavirus (Covid-19) – We are open from Monday 12 April

We belong to The Vertex Industry Group, who are confident that our activities are consistent with the Government’s examples of outdoor sport and leisure facilities that can reopen under Step 1, Part 2 of the Government Roadmap – namely organised outdoor sport & outdoor play including outdoor climbing walls and outdoor gyms. We are confident that our facilities are analogous with these examples cited in the Government’s Roadmap as permitted to reopen and our methods of operation comply with the requirements of the government guidance..

From the 29th March, the ‘rule of 6’ or two households meeting outdoors will be permitted, though people from different households will still need to socially distance from each other, follow the guidance and use common sense. The “Stay at Home” rule will end but people should still minimise the number of journeys made and stay local. Visitors to our venues that open in Step 1 should be LOCAL and long journeys should not be encouraged.

Please note that outdoor food and drinks will not be on sale until 12 April in line with Government advice.

More online announcements coming soon so please look out for emails and socials pages.

We are continually assessing what changes should be implemented across our business to protect you, our staff and our local communities and our re-opening framework document will be constantly updated following industry group recommendations along with relevant government and Public Health recommendations and guidance available at the time. You can read the current document below and our FAQs.

Vertex Reopening Statement

Skywalk Adventure COVID-19 Framework for Re-Opening


Protecing us all

The Government’s Roadmap states “Outdoor activity has been prioritised because the likelihood of COVID-19 transmission is substantially lower in the open air than indoors. This restores more freedom to people more quickly while minimising the impact on transmission.”

Professor MarkWoodhouse, professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh and of the SAGE sub-group said. “There’s never been a Covid-19 outbreak linked to (the outdoors)… anywhere in the world to the best of my knowledge.”

As restrictions are lifted it will be critical that the industry continue with the proven protocols and procedures that have been put in place to minimise transmission of the virus as well as continuing to follow mandated government and public health guidance.

Our industry is COVID-19 secure and takes a responsible approach in providing controlled vertical access adventure for pre-booked customers, offering physical activity and exercise for the wellbeing and mental health of both customers and staff.

We have further reduced any residual risk to the lowest level by putting in place a number of additional measures including: social distancing is built in to our operating procedures; extra hand washing and sanitising stations (available to customers and staff), at the beginning, several locations in between and at the end of your experience; ordinary gloves are optional, but it is recommended for comfort.    Bring your own or pre-order gloves from us.

Safety rules and disclaimers can be read and completed online in advance, as can payment to avoid the need to touch pens and paper.  Our pre-booking system limits participant numbers to safely manageable numbers, staggered throughout the day; our Sandown Sports partners have measures in place to control people flow and have increased the frequency of cleaning toilets.

Stay Local and Remember Hands, Face, Space

Please respect staying local during the first phase of reopening and always remember the government campaign: Hands, Face, Space.

How will I get around ? See the Route Map.

What about social distancing ?

Our course is naturally designed for participants to keep socially distanced.  Only 1 person is allowed on any element, crossing or zip wire at a time.  Only 1 person is allowed on the platform unless you are from the same household in which case 2 people will be allowed, which is the normal rule.

On the ground, markers and signage are in place to respect the current rules. Instructional briefings will be restricted to limit numbers. Groups from different households will be spaced accordingly.

Harness Fitting and Close Contact

Customers will be instructed on how to fit their own harnesses themselves, under the close supervision of our instructors who will keep appropriately distanced. Should instructors need to physically adjust the fit of a harness our instructors will be wearing a full-face shield and where they can they will fit/adjust the harness from behind to avoid face to face contact.

Parents will harness their children and themselves. A final safety check will be done by the instructor.

How are you going to keep harnesses clean?

Manufacturers recommend we clean harnesses with warm soapy water as per usual.  Chemicals can damage the harness and we don’t want that.  For our customers Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) after every use we are rotating our harnesses and cleaning the Safety Lines.   We have a lot of harnesses so with reduced numbers we will build a rota that works for everyone.

Will you clean the course ?

It would be impracticable to clean or sanitise the whole course. When combined with the developing scientific research that COVID-19 does not survive for very long on surfaces in the outdoors, we are advised by industry that staff and customers are reminded to wash their hands frequently, especially at the end of their activity and to refrain from touching their face.

Sanitising points have been installed at the beginning and end of the courses and our staff will be regularly cleaning.  Gloves are not compulosry, but they are encouraged.

Will I have to wear a mask and gloves?

Whilst the Government does not recommend the wearing of face coverings in the outdoors, our staff will be wearing masks where applicable and we would enourage you to do the same.  It is not compulsory and we have limited the amount of close interaction staff will have with you, but there will be situations where our staff will have to come closer to you, for example during kit-up.

We do recommend wearing gloves (i.e woollen) for comfort and for hand protection whilst on tree top courses. Feel free to either bring your own, or pre-order gloves and collect from us on arrival.

What size groups will you have?

Government advice is continually changing and as a Covid Secure organisation (we can maintain social distancing during your activity, following government guidance) we can safely accomodate groups of up to 12 people.

We have completed thorough risk assessments and introduced additional opportunities for hand hygiene, equipment cleaning and social distancing to comply with COVID-19 secure guidelines.  Our staff have received additional training from within our industry along with general Covid training.

As a reminder, while you are with us, Government advice is you should take care to limit your interactions with anyone outside of your group and you should continue to maintain social distancing from those that you do not live with which is critical to keep both yourself and others safe.

What if I have to be rescued ?

In almost all situations our instructors can assist from the ground or from a distance of 2m. In the very unlikely event that you would need an Instructor to physically intervene to conduct a rescue or lower you to the ground using our specialist equipment, our team will wear a full-face shield.

Will the lockers and changing areas be available?

At this time, the lockers and changing areas will not be available and we ask you to come prepared and leave items in your car or with someone on the ground.

Can I get food and drink

Please check the Terrace Bar’s website for up to date details.  Currently, outdoor food and rink may recommense from 12 April.

Can I pay cash on the day?

We have been cashless for a while and all bookings are to be made online prior to arrival.   Gloves can also be purchased online before you arrive.   If you do need purchase anything else when you arrive we will only be accepting cashless payment methods.

What are the new opening hours?

Currently we have launched a plan that opens at 1100 until 1600.    Please check the booking page as we will be closley monitoring these hours with a  view to increasing them where we can.

Can I just turn up without a booking?

At this time we are not accepting visitors without a booking.    Please book online.

We have an annual pass - what will happen?

Annual passes have been frozen and we will extend their duration for whatever period of time we are closed.  We are in the process of contacting you all so please look out for an email.

I have a Groupon Voucher or similar and want to extend, what do i do?

Please call the company through which you acquired the voucher, eg. Groupon.

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If you have already received a voucher or rescheduled your booking please do not fill out the form and just ignore this page.

All vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of re-opening.

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