Scary Skywalk in the Treetops

Please join us for a Halloween experience like no other in our haunted treetops. Fully immerse yourself in the spooky surroundings of Skywalk as you zip wire and climb through the forbidden woods with frightening skeletons and spiders lurking nearby.

This ghoulish event is only running from 26 – 31 October so if you are brave enough to clamber through the cobwebs and tackle the Scary Skywalk you need to  get booked in quickly!

Dress in your most frightening outfits for the occasion with a chance to win a bloodcurdling prize.

From now until 11 October, we are offering an early-bird special price of only £10 per child and £15 per adult to complete both courses*   We will be opening later than usual so you can experience the creepy courses in the dark.

For those that are keen on a not-so-gruesome experience, we will be open as usual during the day. Still lots of cobwebs and spiders, but less supernatural sightings.

Good luck… See you on the other side.

For more information please see our main FAQs and the specific Scary FAQs below.

We will have loads of competitions running with goodies and treats available throughout.  Please follow the event on Facebook and look out for more details.

* Prices are for bookings confirmed by 11 October. Thereafter the price shall rise. All bookings must be pre-paid due to limited spaces

The price goes up in …………


Scary FAQs

What is the age limit

Normal rules apply and you need to be over 8 and over 1.3m in height to go on the course.   But that doesn’t mean younger ones can’t come and enjoy the decorations and watch siblings on the course, all the atompshere without the height.

How scary is it?

We light the course with multicoloured lights, lasers and some strobe lighting.  The entrance is dressed and there are suprises in the trees and surrounding woodland.   Our staff will be dressed accordingly, but we do not jump out at people or force people into dark spaces.   There are no enclosed areas and the atmposhere is aimed at spooky fun.  There is music and sounds in the trees throughout the evening.

Can we wear fancy dress?

Yes, please do, there will be prizes for the best dressed.  But please remember the course safety rules will apply which means no long dresses/coats, capes, hair pieces, flying broomsticks, couldrons etc that may get caught in the course/ropes or intefere with the safety equipment.