Two Courses, twice the fun!

Two Courses of adventure

Course One

Start the course by climbing up the cargo net onto the first platform and proceed to the Indiana log crossing.

Once onto the next platform you’re now suspended over the slopes where you shift over the star crossing and swinging logs. From here, you’ll zip across to the next part of the course where you will ascent into the trees even higher for some incredible views.

Across the angled indie bridge to the hanging vines where some serious tightrope stepping will come in handy! Zip across again to the next burma bridge (take in the spectacular views from here!) over the island crossing and finally the rickety bridge to arrive back on home soil.

Course Two

Up and into the air across the crates to tackle the island crossing and wobbly stepping stones!

Zip line across to the back of the course watching the skiers underneath you! Maneover through suspended skipping ropes and through the net burma bridge to then test your best army crawl through the barrel roll.

Make like spidey across the web and onto the second burma bridge to zip it again and start your descent back down to solid ground, but not before the final rickety bridge challenge!

8 years

Minimum Age

1.3 metres

Minimum Height

  • Adult (18+)
  • Both Courses
  • Junior
  • Both Courses
  • Family Pass
    2 adults
    2 juniors
  • Both Courses
  • Both Course
  • Group Bookings
    Adults only
    10 minimum
  • One Course
  • Both Course

Adult to Children Ratios

  • Children
    8-9 years
  • Adults recommended to be on the course but can supervise from the ground.
  • Children
    10-12 years
  • Adults recommended to be on the course but can supervise from the ground.
  • Juniors
    13-15 years
  • Adults need to be present either on the course or supervise from the ground.
  • 16 years +
  • Can go on the course on their own, but can’t supervise others. For that you need to be 18+

Group ratios may be different to what you see in this table.  Please refer to the relevant group page for further information.